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Sugarcane pests, cane, crop, insect, fire, methods and. Dead heart in month old crop, which can be easily pulled out is due to attack of following pest a. When you disable javascript, your interaction with the content will be limited. About 288 insect pests are known to attack sugarcane and about 24 of them cause heavy losses in quality as well as in quantity. Pest management of sugarcane insects louisiana state. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Aesa based ipm sugarcane 1 aesa based ipm package for sugarcane sugarcane plant description. Inheritance of sugarcane borer resistance in sugarcane. Diseases and pests of sugarcane in the philippines. Pests of australian sugarcane sugar research australia.

Other important pests are the larvae of some butterflymoth species, including. Sugarcane is grown chiefly in the main season december may in the entire. Sugarcane leaf hoppers attack starts in the end of july or in. The aesa based ipm sugarcane, was compiled by the niphm working group under the chairmanship of dr.

Some interesting examples of different group of natural enemies are. The adult planthoppers have wings, allowing them to fly from diseased to healthy plants. One of these pests is the giant sugarcane borer, telchin licus drury lepidoptera. Open planting and good cultivation would certainly act as a great check to the pests of sugarcane sugarcane subject category. The variety and species of pests in sugarcane crop is astonishing, as mentioned nearly 288 insects from the following orders and families are found in this crop. The economic importance and cryptic nature of lepidopteran stalk borers, mainly in the families crambidae and pyralidae, closely followed by the scarabaeidae and cercopidae, in sugarcane agriculture, has prompted extensive research into their control using.

The word sugar is known to have derived from the sanskrit word sharkara. Designing a system which can be used by researchers and farmers to identify sugarcane pests and enable to proceed their. Sugarcane has a thick, tillering stem which is clearly divided into nodes and internodes. Sugarcane, or sugar cane, or simply cane, are several species of tall perennial true grasses of. The green cane harvesting represented a significant change in sugarcane ecosystem due to the presence of straw left on the soil and to the absence of fire. Some examples of underground insect pests in sugarcane common name scientific name order or family sugarcane grub tomarus subtropicus scarabaeidae giant termite mastotermes darwiniensis mastotermitidae ants all species formicidae sugarcane whitefly aleurolobus barodensis stratiomyidae burrowiung bug scaptocoris talpa cydnidae. V, abbott sugarcane is native to or is grown in some 50 countries or political units within approximately 40 north lati tude to 32 south. Pest management of sugarcane insects involves a multidisciplinary and environmentally sound holistic system which is multitactical.

Matching with long diversity of conditions under which sugarcane is grown in the world, there is wide spectrum of pests and diseases which have come to acquire a place of priority for control on regional or interregional basis due to the agroclimatic management conditions associated with the area. Sugarcane growing countries of the world are lying between the latitude 36. No doubt, pesticides are needed for effective management of insect pests, diseases and weeds, but with special reference to sugarcane diseases, no severe and serious disease damages are recorded. It is the best single book available on sugarcane diseases. Injury is usually more severe in older ratoon crops and is most evident around the edges of a field. The 11th congress of the international society of sugar cane technologists 1962 passed a resolution calling for a book on sugarcane pests that would summarise present knowledge and clarify trends of thought on pest problems of outstanding importance or interest. Select the healthy and pest free setts for planting. The sugarcane aphid originally fed only on sugarcane in the us. This new edition incorporates most of it, providing both the laboratory and field sugarcane pathologist a complete and authoritative guide to the major sugarcane diseases of the world. Give hot water treatment before planting presoak the setts in 0. So far about 70 species of insect pests have been identified in bangladesh of which the most damaging are top shoot borer, stem borer and rootstock borer. Ento 331 crop pests and stored grain pests and their management questions sugarcane 1.

Therefore, no need of pesticide has been felt till now. Before 1993, sugarcane acreage in louisiana was predominately planted to two cultivars of sugarcane, rated resistant and moderately resistant to the sugarcane borer cp70321 and cp65357. Some examples of overground insect pests in sugarcane. A sugarcane grub infestation usually starts at the. Numerous insects feed on sugarcane in florida, which can decrease yield and increase production costs. Freshly planted fields usually have little or no grub infestation. Five new insect pests were observed to infest sugarcane at kannur in kerala and at coimbatore in tamil nadu, india.

Edis is the electronic data information source of ufifas extension, a collection of information on topics relevant to you. Sugarcane fiji disease virus is spread in solomon islands and presumably in other pacific island countries by a species of perkinsiella most likely perkinsiella saccharicida, a planthopper photo 5, which breeds among the young leaves. Take seed material from short crop 6 to 7 months age free from pests and. Encarsia sp eretmocerus sp chrysocharis pentheus aphytis sp lacewing ladybird beetle spider dragonfl y reduviid bug praying mantis. Microbial control of sugarcane insect pests sciencedirect. This map depicts the distribution of sugarcane in the world. Stripping of cane leaves may minimize attack select and plant the scale insect free setts avoid water stagnation for the longer period detrash the crop at 150th and 210th day of planting. Top borer of sugarcane the scientific name of top borer of sugarcane is scirpophaga novella fabricius with family pyralidae and belonging to order lepideoptera. A 100 years of biological control of sugarcane pests in india. Castniidae, which is an important pest in northeastern brazil and that was reported in sao paulo in 2007 almeida et al.

Inheritance of sugarcane borer resistance in sugarcane derived from two measures of insect damage w. The laminar pubescence and colour did not appear to play any role in antixenosis. Biological control of insectpest in sugarcane agropedia. This sorghumfeeding sca biotype developed because of a genetic change in the existing us population or was intro. The leaf mineraphanisticus aeneus kerremans, was found to feed on all the species ofsaccharum excepts. Important natural enemies of sugarcane insect pests. Sugarcane straw and the populations of pests and nematodes.

Exotic pests and diseases and more commonly endemicestablished pests. Early shoot borer and white wooly aphids are important insectpests of sugarcane. Sugarcane is scientifically known as saccharam officinarum it is believed to be originated from south and southeast asia india is the second largest producer of cane sugar next to brazil sugarcane is infested by 287 species of insect and non insect pests. The order of presentation of species follows that in pests of australian sugarcane 1993.

In 20, this insect was found for the first time feeding on sorghum in the us. The sugarcane aphids seen in 20 were gray to tan or light yellow. The biology and control of weeds in sugarcane provides a comprehensive discussion of the problems of weed control in sugarcane against the background of worldwide cultivation, with emphasis on taiwans intensive pattern of crop farming. Commodities and products see more details in the philippines. Insect management in sugarcane 3 uprooting, and death in heavily infested areas. These groupings are somewhat arbitrary and some species may cause more than one type of damage. Pest density and yield response studies involve these insects and landscape host plant perspectives including greenhouse biomass experiments enhancing bioenergy and conventional cropping system compatibility. In this topic various pests, natural enemies and ipm practices for sugarcane are described here ipm strategies for sugarcane vikaspedia notice.

The population levels of other common caterpillars in sugarcane, such as. The present systematic position, distribution and the range of alternative host plants are surveyed and the life cycle and the extent of damage caused by the pest are considered in detail. Among various factors, insect pests inflict considerable losses which are estimated to be around 20% in. Hyponeuma taltula, the hairy borer, which is already considered the main pest in some regions of brazil. The paper briefly discussed the main pests of sugarcane in china, and the integrated pest management, including. The list of major that cause economic damage to this crop insects pests of sugarcane are given below, 1. Green cane harvesting can benefit this pest mainly by the elimination of fire, which is responsible for the destruction of adults. The economic importance and cryptic nature of lepidopteran stalk borers, mainly in the families crambidae and pyralidae, closely followed by the scarabaeidae and cercopidae, in sugarcane agriculture, has prompted extensive research into their control using entomopathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and nematodes. Legendre abstract tance and biological control each contribute 25%, and the sugarcane borer diatraea saccharalis fabricius is an im chemical control the remaining 40%.

This document discusses characteristics of the sugarcane crop and pests affecting its. Biocontrol of insect pest of sugarcane crop through artificial rearing of. It is combated by the usual means, and, besides, is fought by fire and the mongoose. Its young larvae is yellow green in color with two horns. Jul 16, 2014 in this episode of annadata, viewers will know about the ways of pest control in sugarcane crop.

Chapter 01plant diseases, insects and weeds declaration of. The sugarcane aphid sca is currently one of the most important insect pests of grain and forage sorghum in texas. New insect pests of sugarcane in india springerlink. Outbreaks of the diseases fiji leaf gall, orange rust and smut have cost hundreds of millions of dollars and have impacted the sugarcane plant breeding program and onfarm management. It also is the basis of large plantation enterprises. White wooly aphid ceravacuna lanigera is the major insect pest of sugarcane. Important natural enemies of sugarcane insect pests parasitoids predators trichogramma spp. The sugarcane aphid sca has recently become one of the most important insect pests of grain sorghum and forage sorghums in texas and the southern us. The sugarcane crop is subject to the depreda tions of animals, insects and fungous parasites. Sugarcane diseases, the american phytopathological society list of sugarcane diseases, ikisan agricultural portal diseases in sugarcane, sugarcane handbook, university of florida institute of food and agricultural sciences. In 1993, the high yielding cultivar lcp85384, rated susceptible to the sugarcane borer was released and replaced the earlier varieties 17. Among various factors, insect pests inflict considerable losses which are estimated to be around 20% in cane yield and 15% in sugar recovery avasthy, 1983. Until recently the sca fed only on sugarcane in the us, but in 20, it was found feeding on sorghum near beaumont, tx. By ziaulhussnain, asia naheed and saadia rizwana shakarganj sugar research institute, jhang, pakistan abstract sugarcane saccharum sp.

Crop protection pest of sugarcane tnau agritech portal. Pdf insect pests and their management researchgate. The biology and control of weeds in sugarcane 1st edition. Dec, 2016 stripping of cane leaves may minimize attack select and plant the scale insect free setts avoid water stagnation for the longer period detrash the crop at 150th and 210th day of planting. Sugarcane production in china has a prolonged history since fourth century bc.

Unlike other common aphid species that feed on sorghum, sugarcane aphids have dark, paired, tailpipelike structures, called cornicles, at the rear, and their tarsi feet are dark at high magnification. Pest management of sugarcane insects louisiana state university. In this episode of annadata, viewers will know about the ways of pest control in sugarcane crop. It is an important crop for thousands of small farmers with only a few acres.

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